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Bar with apple & cinnamon

Bar with apple & cinnamon


The classic and favorite taste of our young and old friends in its most authentic and healthy version! NUTREE's cinnamon apple bar contains 100% Greek apples, naturally dried, so that they yield the maximum of their vitamins and beneficial properties. A journey into the fairytale world of authentic flavors.


    Dates, Almonds, Dried Apples, Walnuts, Natural Apple Extract, Cinnamon, Cloves, Oat Fiber

    • Energy Value - 402Kcal/100G.
    • Proteins - 11.8g
    • Fat - 17.4g of which saturated - 2.6g
    • Carbohydrates - 43.2g of which sugars - 35.5g
    • Edible Fiber - 12.7g
    • Salt - 0.05g

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  • USE

    Use it in breakfast or snack, fruit, bread and smoothies.
    It can also be used as an ingredient in your cookies, desserts and salads. Ideal for vegetarians.