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Shipping cost

For purchases over 80.00 € we offer free shipping for purchases by credit or deposit in a bank account only.

  • For shipments up to 2kg, the shipping cost is € 3.50 and for each additional kilo the cost goes up by € 1.00

  • For delivery to island destinations of the General Post Office network with delivery within 2 working days, the charge is set at 3.70 € up to 2 kg weight and for each additional kilo the cost goes up by 1.20 €

  • For areas outside the city limits of the General Post Network
    (inaccessible areas) with delivery within 1-3 working days, the charge is set to
    € 9.60 up to 2 kg weight. For each additional kilo, the charge amounts to € 1.60.


  • For each shipment with cash on delivery order, regardless of destination, the charge is set at € 5.20, up to 2 kg weight and over 2 kg at € 7.00


"Kilikeion" cooperates with the General Post Office which receives daily from Monday to Friday until 14:00, if your order has been registered in time, then our wish is to be received the next day. Otherwise the delivery time is 1 to 2 working days for all remote or Inaccessible areas. This means within the city and the land destinations of the network of the General Postal GNI. In case you are not at the predetermined place of delivery upon arrival of the courier, he leaves you an information note with the required details of your parcel. You can then contact Customer Service and reschedule the delivery. In cases where the products are not immediately available but upon order, the time is calculated according to the time required for the product to be available. We are at your disposal for additional clarifications, as well as for any question you may have.


"Kilikeion" cooperates with the General Post Office for shipments to Cyprus

and with DHL for shipments to European countries other than the United Kingdom.

Shipping varies depending on the country, and the weight of the shipment and is calculated at checkout.


  • In case you have received your order and you wish to change a product of personal choice and without the fault of the store you have the opportunity to make a change within 3 days. In that case you will be charged with the shipping costs and ADDITIONALLY with the costs it cost us to send it to you from the beginning. Even if you bought with free shipping you will be charged the cost of the shipping we gave you as a gift with the purchase that did not take place.

The process requires you to contact us via email,

or by phone in order to inform us about the product you wish to return and the reason. Then the product will be returned and IF it does not show any damage, damage, damaged packaging will be costed and your money will be refunded except for the shipping that will be charged.

  • It should be noted that the new product should be of equal or greater value than the product you are changing. Then you undertake to send us the product you wish to change. Shipping costs are borne by the customer. In case you receive a gift from our online store and you wish to make a change, it is possible to do so within 3 days from the date of purchase. In this case, contact us by e-mail or by phone, to inform us about the product you wish to change and after we inform you about its cost, you can choose another product of equal or higher value. In the case of gifts, refunds are not accepted.

  • Chocolates that are considered vulnerable products are not accepted changes and returns as their storage conditions can not be determined.


In case it is considered in detail that the product you received has a damage or defect, contact us directly, either by e-mail or by phone and we will be sent a photo of the product and its defect.

After we accept that the product had a defect, you send it as a return at our expense and either you can replace it with a product of equal or greater value.

After receiving the product, we will examine it closely and inform you about all the details.

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