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FOREST combines a variety of flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds of herbs, which uniquely balance each other, giving a fluffy and full feeling to both the eye - as a dry drug - and the palate - as a drink. Enjoy any time of the day you desire.

The special aroma and taste of sage and fennel in combination with the sparkle from the mountain tea and the slightly astringent taste of the other herbs, leave an aftertaste that glides gently on the palate, giving the drink a sense of hydration and health.


    • Organic agriculture product.
    • It does not contain caffeine.
    • Drink hot or cold.
    • Enhance the lemon aroma by adding a slice of lemon and a sprig of wild mint.

    Forests are associated with health and well-being as they hide countless treasures of herbs that have always been used in folk medicine as alternative - "natu