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MOUNTAIN consists of a mixture of three different Greek types of mountain tea. It is a single variety with full flavor and aroma. Ideal for all hours of the day.

This drink with a balanced taste, highlights to the maximum the pleasant, discreet lemon notes that characterize the mountain tea.

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    • Organic agriculture product.
    • It does not contain caffeine.
    • Drink hot or cold.
    • For a more intense aroma and taste, we recommend the traditional way of preparation: Place the recommended dosage of herb in a saucepan of boiling water and boil for about 5 '. Then remove from the heat and leave for 3 'before straining.
    • Try adding a small amount of honey, a slice of lemon, a little cinnamon or cloves.

    Sideritis commonly known as "Mountain Tea" is an endemic plant of Greece and grows mainly at an altitude of over 1000 meters. The three species of this plant, adapted to different mountain climates of Greece, differ both in morphology and in their content of essential oils, which affects the aroma, taste and their special characteristics. Thus we were led to the creation of this mixture, which through its uniqueness, manages to capture the Greek tradition and the special aromas of the country.

    Mountain ecosystems are located at high altitudes away from man-made pollutants, surrounded by natural areas with rich biodiversity. MOUNTAIN transports the consumer to a plateau, where the human mind is stimulated and the body filters the toxins of modern life, as it mimics the phenomenon of self-preservation of natural ecosystems.