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Naturals® 5 Piece Baking Set

SKU: 48000

 Naturals®™ are made of uncoated aluminum for even baking and color, and will last a lifetime due to their durability. Many of the pans have a built-in steel perimeter to prevent warping. This basic collection includes a medium cookie pan, a standard 12-cup muffin pan, a 1.5 lb. loaf pan, a 9"x13" baking pan, and a lid that fits the 9"x13" pan. , very useful for carrying sweets to a gathering. 

  • Classic Cookie Sheet:11.25" x 12.9" (approx. 28.58cm x 32.77cm)
  • Loaf Pan: 6" x 9.71" (approx. 15.24cm x 24.66cm)
  • Muffin Pan - 12 cup: The exact dimensions of the muffin tray are not given, but can be roughly calculated from the information above.
  • Rectangular Cake Pan & Interchangeable Lid:9.5" x 12.8" (approx. 24.13cm x 32.51cm)