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Rose Water (60ml)


Our sweet and aromatic Rose Water is an elegant steam distilled from the purest rose petals. Its subtle floral notes are perfect in Middle Eastern, Indian and Greek cuisine. Just a few drops are needed to make a luxurious addition to jams, drinks, baked goods and even savory dishes.

This flavored water pairs well with fruits such as strawberries, dark and white chocolate and, of course, vanilla. Try rose water in fruit compotes, French macarons or even panna cotta.

A bottle of rose water is the perfect addition to any home bar. Paired with everything from rum and bourbon to aperol and mezcal, rose water has a wide range of uses in cocktails. A splash of rose water can even be added to hot tea for a relaxing drink any time of day.

  • uses

    • Sweet ideas: Baklava, rice pudding, cookies, French pastry glaze and creams
    • Savory ideas: Rice, chicken, stews, vegetables, citrus salads, dressings Drink ideas: Sparkling water, milk, tea, sangria, mojitos, smoothies
    • Other ideas: Aromatherapy (add one teaspoon to two cups of water and simmer)
    • Chef's Notes: Sweet-scented water has an affinity with vanilla, dark and white chocolate, rice, and even mild cheeses like cream cheese or Brie. It pairs beautifully with fruits such as strawberry, blackberry, lychee and mango.

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