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Μίνι κέικ σε σχήμα καρδιά

Tiered Heart Cakelet Pan




A mini version of the  Tiered Heart Bundt®, this pan is made for treats.



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    • Cast Aluminum
    • 3 Cup Americas - 0.700 lt.
  • USE

    1. Before first use and after consecutive uses, hand wash with warm soapy water. Soaking is not recommended.

    2. Before each use, brush with melted butter and immediately afterwards place it in the fridge or even better the freezer. Before placing the mixture, take it out of the freezer and sprinkle it well with flour. Drain off the excess and then add the cake mix.Baking spray containing flour can also be used.

    3. Do not fill the form more than 3/4 so that the mixture does not overflow when it rises.

    4. Metal objects and rough cleaning surfaces should be avoided.


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