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Συσκευασία απο βιολογικά βότανα Grizo&Prasino.


  • 100% pure Greek organic calendula flowers.


that protects cells from free radicals
that fights inflammation, viruses and bacteria
that it helps in the treatment of stomach ulcer
that relieves period cramps
that helps heal wounds
that hydrates and improves skin firmness
that restores the shape of the skin after a burn
that contributes to the reduction of swelling
that helps heal scars
that it prevents dermatitis and skin inflammations
that soothes hemorrhoids


"We are herbalists. But we are not doctors" 

Herbs are and should be treated as medicines. Always consult your doctor when using herbs to treat a health problem.

*the above information is a collection of claims derived both from Greek and foreign literature as well as from empirical and traditional practices throughout Greece.

  • method of preparation



    • 100% pure Greek organic calendula flowers


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