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Praline Brownie

Praline Brownie


If you can't resist hazelnut praline chocolates, then NUTREE's new Praline Brownie flavor is for you. Delicious hazelnut butter is combined with raw cocoa and whole hazelnut pieces offering the ultimate praline filling, without added sugar and rich in vegetable protein.


    Dates, Vegetable Protein Peas*, Hazelnut Butter (100% Hazelnuts), Hazelnuts, Cocoa*, Oat Fiber, Raw Cocoa Beans*, Sea Salt*
    * Product of Organic Farming

    • Energy Value - 355 Kcal
    • Proteins - 25.2g
    • Fat - 14g/of which saturated - 2.2g
    • Carbohydrates - 32.8g/of which sugars - 24.2g
    • Edible fiber - 10.1g
    • Salt - 0.5g
    • * All nutritional information per 100g
    • * No added sugars
  • USE

    Use it in breakfast or snack, fruit, bread and smoothies.
    It can also be used as an ingredient in your cookies, desserts and salads. Ideal for vegetarians.

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