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Chocolate cake for all hours

The "First day of school" cake or the cake of comfort, relief and it goes everywhere...for every occasion. The following cake recipe speaks to everyone and is made in Nordicware's largest Anniversary cake pan.

Chocolate Cake Recipe, Cake Recipes
Chocolate cake



  • 250 g of butter

  • 300 g of brown sugar

  • 4 eggs

  • 500 g of flour

  • 50g of cocoa

  • 250 g of milk

  • 1 kg of Nielsenmassey liquid vanilla

  • 100g of dark chocolate


  • 100 g cream

  • 200 g couverture.

Chocolate Cake Recipe, Cake Recipes



  1. Beat the butter with the sugar in the mixer and add the eggs and vanilla 1-1.

  2. In a bowl, mix sifted flour and cocoa.

  3. Alternately add the solid mixture to the mixer WITH the milk at low speed, finishing with the flour.

  4. Finally, add and mix with a spatula the melted chocolate.

  5. Prepare the cake pan with spray and flour. Pour the mixture and bake at 180 celsius for 1 hour.


  • 100 g cream

  • 200 g couverture.

Melt in a bain-marie and coat the chocolate cake.

Chocolate Cake Recipe, Cake Recipes
Every piece of chocolate cake compensates you

For this cake we used Nordicware's largest capacity cake tin. I am giving you a link below.

Chocolate Cake Recipe, Cake Recipes
As for the glossy ganache, what can we say?

If you can't find it, press the "back in stock request" button to be informed about availability.

We even recommend the "Braided Bundt" which has a similar capacity.

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